Brad Galo, CHM/CEO

Born in Laredo, Texas, Brad Galo attended St. Mary's University and worked for Lentz Newton Brokerage Firm. He began his long and distinguished development career in Laredo in the early 1970s, where he developed residential, multi-family, commercial and office projects, and was involved in the construction industry.

He also ventured into oil and gas exploration, creating TexCan Exploration with three partners in 1977. He later formed Galo Energy and opened an office in Houston in 1981.

His work in oil and gas led to further development opportunities, and he eventually moved his family to San Antonio in the early 1990s, where he channeled his energies into development full-time. Galo started by working from home while developing a 135-acre property. Since then, his success has grown exponentially, and he has built a reputation as an astute dealmaker.

Galo prides himself on his relationships with landowners, as well as users of property. His bold move to acquire Alamo Ranch in 2004 was recognized by the San Antonio Business Journal as "Land Deal of the Year", and the success of this project, located off of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone, is testament to his vision of building new communities in the path of growth and in areas of less environmental sensitivity.


Marcus Moreno, Senior Vice President of Land Development

Much of the growth of Galo Properties is fueled by Marcus Moreno and his expertise in real estate acquisition, development and project management.

Moreno finds new projects for Galo Properties, identifying prospective real estate opportunities and overseeing the purchasing, planning and selling processes. To Moreno, developing land the right way means creating a plan that works financially and uses the land in a manner that best fits its environment.

His specialty is master-planned communities, properties that carefully blend residential and commercial uses, with consideration to the area's demographics and the land's topography.

Moreno leads a team of project managers that work with him to find and evaluate real estate, identify the best uses for the land, determine the best ways to finance the development, and to create and execute development plans.

Moreno comes to Galo Properties after leading his own company, where he focused on developing residential and commercial real estate. His experience includes the development of several land acquisitions in San Antonio and Austin ranging in size from 93 acres to more than 2,000 acres. Today, he's instrumental in the rapid expansion of Galo's presence in both San Antonio and Austin.


Adrienne Martinez, Controller

As controller, Adrienne Martinez oversees all of the accounting functions at Galo Properties. Her main responsibility is to preserve and protect the assets of the company. A licensed Certified Public Accountant since 1996, Martinez supervises a team of five accountants at Galo Properties.

Martinez is the primary financial contact for investors and lenders. She has extensive experience in financial accounting, as well as a background that includes tax preparation, review and research for clients in a variety of industries.